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SayHi Translate: Use Your Voice to Speak a New Language like a Pro

SayHi Translate uses the power of the cloud to convert your voice in one language into any other one of our supported languages in mere seconds. You speak English, your phone speaks Spanish (and vice-versa). The more
you speak, the smarter SayHi Translate becomes.

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Adapt an Apple TV to a VGA projector using Kanex ATV Pro

Kanex ATV Pro – HDMI to VGA w/ Audio Support

AirPlay® Mirroring For VGA Projector
Kanex ATV Pro allows a VGA projector to use Apple AirPlay mirroring from an iPad to Apple TV. Eliminate the need for expensive HDMI projection equipment upgrades. Join the thousands of classrooms nationwide that can mirror and stream content direct to a VGA projector via an Apple TV.

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Rover – The Browser for Education

Rover – The Browser for Education
By iSwifter Learn Inc.

***Can’t access Flash on your iPad? Rover CAN! Rover is the free education app that streams educational Flash content to your iPad.***

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