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New “Education Collections” section of the App Store

Whether you’re learning or teaching, these excellent apps help students blossom with tools for all subjects.

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The PC looks like it’s dying

The PC looks like it’s dying – Fortune Tech
PC makers aren’t just losing to Apple. They’re struggling on multiple fronts — and things look gloomy going forward.

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Text-to-Speech App Now Features Children’s Voices

For the first time, children who cannot speak or who have speech impairments and use the text-to-speech app Proloquo2Go will sound a little more like how they might, if they could talk.

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DMD Panorama – panoramic picture app


“The easiest-to-use panoramic picture app on the iPhone. Just launch, take a picture, steadily move the camera to the left or right to slide an on-screen Yin symbol into a Yang symbol — How clever! How Zen! — and the program will automatically stitch together a slick panoramic photo.” – The Wall-Street Journal. <>

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iPad Institute at the University of Delaware’s School of Education


The course outline for the iPad Institute is based upon the iBooks book, “iPad Primer With Embedded Video Tutorials”, written by University of Delaware professor Dr. Fred T. Hofstetter.  (This book can be purchased from the iBookstore and the author donates all royalties from this book to Delaware public schools.)

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Spacecraft 3D by Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Awesome new augmented reality app by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory:


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