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iPad Institute at the University of Delaware’s School of Education


The course outline for the iPad Institute is based upon the iBooks book, “iPad Primer With Embedded Video Tutorials”, written by University of Delaware professor Dr. Fred T. Hofstetter.  (This book can be purchased from the iBookstore and the author donates all royalties from this book to Delaware public schools.)

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Teacher Redesign

Teacher Redesign
by PRI Public Radio International

Can good design help teachers gain the respect they deserve? Armed with that question and an educator’s plea to shelve the “apple crapple,” “Studio 360® with Kurt Andersen” answered the challenge. “Teacher Redesign,” a multi-touch book from Public Radio International, uses audio, video and interactive graphics to reveal the creative process behind the resulting major image makeover for teachers.

“Studio 360” from Public Radio International and WNYC is the award-winning weekly radio program that helps listeners nationwide to explore the role of arts and the creative process in everyday life.


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