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iOS 5 Education Deployment Guide


This guide is designed for those responsible for the deployment of iOS
devices, from IT leadership to implementors. It highlights best
practices and considerations relevant to deploying and supporting iOS
devices in education environments.

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Apple Help Library

Apple Help Library provides comprehensive, searchable documentation for iTunes; Apple’s consumer and productivity applications for Mac and iOS, including iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, and Keynote; and Apple’s professional applications.

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iBooks Author – Support Pages

iBooks Author Help:

iBooks Author Support:

iBooks Author: Publishing and distribution FAQ
Summary: Find the answers to common questions about distributing and selling books you have created with iBooks Author.

iBooks Author: How to make your iBooks accessible
Summary: When you create books in iBooks Author, use these guidelines to make your books accessible to the visually-impaired.

iBooks Author: Add video to your iBooks
Summary: Learn tips about working with video and audio in iBooks Author, supported formats, and notes on video encryption.

iBooks Author: Use iPad-safe fonts when authoring books
Summary: When you create a book with iBooks Author, be sure to use iPad-safe fonts for a consistent user experience.

iBooks Author: Best practices for using 3D models
Summary: With iBooks Author you can add COLLADA (.DAE) files using the 3D widget; learn the best practices for creating these files for use with iBooks Author.

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iPad User Guide for iOS5 – eBook format

The “iPad User Guide for iOS 5” is available in eBook format, as a free download from the iBookstore:

iPad User Guide for iOS 5 by Apple Inc.

iPhone User Guide for iOS 5  by Apple Inc.

iPod touch User Guide for iOS 5  by Apple Inc.

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